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kinetic installation (PVC tubes and fittings, 3D printed dove, laser cut xps leaves, vibration electric motors, arduino control system, cardboard cards, 3,5 × 2,2 × 2,2 m


from things manifest gather faith in the unseen


The story began almost 4,000 years ago, when a black-feathered dove flew across the Mediterranean from Thebes, Egypt at Dodona, and landed on the branch of an oak tree, speaking a human language understood by the locals. He asked them to build an auspicious place around this tree, which they would then offer to Zeus.

Even from the obscurity of the legend, we do not know which part may be real, but the shrine was indeed built, and the divination worked until the 4th century. So much so that, next to Delphi, it was the second most popular prediction of the era in the geographical area where a prestigious institutional system of divination developed. The ancient Greek people were convinced that only the present could be known, and that only their gods could see the past and the future, and in divination they could learn the divine answer from divine signs. It may seem strange now that the information derived from divination was, according to the knowledge of the time, considered to be of the same value as the facts of geometry or mathematics. Fortune-tellers were not only persons with appropriate mental abilities, but also trained mediums, and the emphasis on the meaning of the prognoses conveyed by them often changed the fate of peoples and led to the redrawing of national borders. However, the utterances were far from clear, they were created as a product of several coding mechanisms; Ambiguity was particularly characteristic of Donora.

The process can also be described as the pilgrim seeking an answer formulated his question, which he scratched on lead sheets and sent to the soothsayer, this can be considered as input. After reading the question, the fortuneteller interpreted the question in her own way, and then paid attention to the signs appearing in the sky at the right time, which in Dodona mainly meant the whispering of the leaves of the sacred oak, the rustling of the leaves. We can be sure that the formulation of the interpretation was accompanied by countless experiences and a thorough knowledge and analysis of the different, but definitely characteristic sounds of the foliage. The divine answer was written down and given to him, according to the output that concluded the process. The interpretation of the answer was, of course, left to the individual, but it turns out that the diviner, that is, the creator of the content, cannot be blamed.

How could it be, since we know very well - even four thousand years of experience is not enough - that there are at least two readings of reality, and it is not necessary that they resemble each other.

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